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Veda Astrology is the study of the movements and relative positions of celestial objects as a means for divining information about human affairs and terrestrial events.


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Astrology studies the relationships between earthly bodies and celestial objects and is built on the deep relationship that stars and constellations have with the fate of human beings. The word astrology itself is derived from Latin and Greek roots and can be roughly translated to ‘the study of stars’ or ‘star-divination’. Astrology was mainly developed in the Indian civilization, the Chinese civilization and the ancient Maya civilizations, which are credited with developing arts, science, and philosophy, which still continue to have a wide-reaching impact in the modern world. Forms of Astrology were also practiced in Mesopotamian civilization, in ancient Egypt and Rome.

Channeling the power of astrology can lead one to live a life with meaning and purpose, while not being dissuaded from the path of their destiny by disagreeable forces or destructive distractions. Through the centuries, astrology has been the bastion of thinkers, learners and holy men, who have made their full effort to utilize their knowledge of the celestial movements and positions of heavenly objects to help laymen.

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The basic constituents of astrology are sun signs or zodiac signs, planets, houses and different elements and qualities of individuals. There are a total of twelve houses, according to the time of birth of an individual and each sun sign governs a house. The moment of birth of a person coincides with specific positions of different planets within the houses and these celestial positioning of different heavenly planets, specific to the different individual, forms the birth chart of an individual. This is interpreted through astrology, in order to arrive at an individual’s destiny, mutable and fixed qualities, and also map figurative obstacles over the course of a lifetime. Astrology doesn’t just interpret and explain one’s position, it also combines the divine power of prediction with the gift of being prescriptive, enabling everyone to objectively understand their character, their traits, personal weaknesses, and qualities while providing a roadmap through which to elevate and express one’s life and divine purpose on this earth.

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Human beings are born with their destinies already written in the celestial sky and with our help, you would be able to fulfill your full potential while being guided by some of the most knowledgeable and experienced astrology scholars.



Your horoscope doesn’t just tell you about your character traits and qualities, but can also be the key to unlock potential you did not realize you have, and to be made aware of the flaws in you which if left unchecked, can become obstacles in the path to realize your destiny.



Gemstones can be used to strengthen your latent character and quality, as well as be remedial in order to avert the negative celestial energy. Our experts would help you choose the best gemstone for your situation.



Numbers are very important in astrology and have the power to create reverberations, which can have a deep influence in your life. With the help of our expert numerologists, you would be able to recognise the influence of numbers in your life and get advice on how to channel this in a positively and effectively.


tarot cards

Tarot cards can be a great way to ascertain the possibilities that life brings our way and use each day as a chance to reflect on how to make our lives better and make better judgments and decisions.


Birth journal

The knowledge of one’s birth journal is crucial for anyone who wants to make the best of their lives and their fates. You would be able to understand your own qualities and weaknesses as well as get a peek into the different times and experiences that life has on hold for you.


vastu shastra

Objects that have both positive and negative effects in our lives and in our psyche surround us. Vastu Shastra helps you in organizing the objects and things in our life for the better such that there is an increase of positive energy while the negative energy in our life gets diverted elsewhere.

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• Astrology is the revelation of your fate written on the sky.

• Astrology reveals and remedies not just what is innate to a human being but empowers them to get closer to the divine purpose they serve in this world.

• All that you are and all that you could be is written in the map of the planets and the stars. All you need is to know how to read it and listen to what the divine wishes predict for you.

• The truth of your being in this universe is revealed by the power of astrology.